Meet Big Mike

Many people have told me that I appear to be a very complex person, however, I never thought that of myself. If I had to break it down into a few sentences, I think it would go something like this. I find my self continuously consumed by a few basic questions and ideas. Does anyone else see the world the way I see it? Am I really as abnormal as I think I am? What causes some people to "get it" and others to "miss it"? If you realize that very little of what was done 500 years ago matters today, and very little that is done today will matter 500 years from now, what’s the point? What’s the point of anything?

I used to think no one in the world thought like me, but then I started to voice my questions and ideas with others and before long, we realized that there was a cathartic benefit to discussing these and other topics. This became the catalyst that sparked The Big Mike Radio Program.

Its not one show about one person... It's an idea that is about all of us. For most of my life in my professional endeavors, I have been given credit for my vision and creativity, and now, with the help of my friends, I now have a unique platform to share that with others. I want to hear from people of all backgrounds, ideas and locations around the world. There is something for everybody in our broadcast and there is an overall message to take away. In the Big Mike universe of radio, books, music and video, everyone has a voice in shaping the message-So tune in, call in and get WILD.

-Big Mike

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